Advanced Spine Pain Solutions Settles Billing Dispute

Advanced Spine Pain Solutions and Dr. Marte A. Martinez recently settled a billing error dispute with the US District Attorney on behalf of Medicare. The clinic performed a vital procedure, using Peripheral Nerve Stimulator, under the manufacturer’s explicit directions and methodology and billed in accordance with Medicare established requirements for such procedures and devices.

Rather than engage in protracted litigation with the US Federal Government, we have settled this billing dispute effective June 11, 2021. Additionally, we agree with the US District Attorney that the claim resolved with this settlement is not a determination of liability.

The procedure we performed was an important step in aiding our patients reduce or eliminate the usage of Opioids for pain management. In doing so, we felt that this treatment could reduce opioid usage in the community and help our patients reduce their risk of dependency on strong narcotic pain management medication. While we are no longer performing this procedure, we continue to provide cutting edge treatment for our patients.

Though we are refunding all billing receipts, our patients will not be impacted, and we will not require that our patients reimburse for treatment provided. We believe strongly in our treatment; we are willing to absorb all costs rather than let our patients incur the expense or forego treatment.